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Urban Terror can be described as a Hollywood tactical shooter; somewhat realism based, but the motto is "fun over realism". This results in a very unique, enjoyable and addictive game.


kp10 History

kp10 was originally created in 2002 by co founding members Terror and Mesnee. Both members previously resided in still existent clan, -WAR-.

The clan was founded with the goal of creating a competitive team of the likes Australian Urban Terror had never seen before, and it did just that.

After picking up more numbers, kp10 pushed itself to 10 undefeated wins within months, playing off with the majority of clans at the time.

To mix things up a little kp10 ran with a unique alias system where all players were represented by a two-digit number inside a clan tag. Whilst this created confusion amongst the community, it added to the mystery of this new and powerful team.

The Listed below are the original members of kp10 and their numeric aliases:

=kp10=[00] - Terror
=kp10=[01] - Maniac
=kp10=[02] - Juganaut
=kp10=[05] - Twin
=kp10=[07] - IcemanOz
=kp10=[09] - Batboy
=kp10=[13] - Bakar
=kp10=[23] - Mesnee
=kp10=[25] - Knifey
=kp10=[26] - Billy Punter
=kp10=[42] - Kasanoff

After a year had passed, co-founding member Mesnee was banned from GameArena, which was the main server provider at the time. After the ban was actioned, some internal conflicts occurred between members which caused several members to resign from the clan. After this occurred, it was agreed that the clan would disband... for the time being.

After about 6 months of being out of action, the clan reformed even stronger than before!

This time the team was headed up solely by Terror. The line up this time around was nothing like the original, and there was no hiding who we were. Below were the members of revision 2 of kp10:

=kp10=[Sexy Monkey]

All the above members weren’t present at the same time, but this revision of the clan ran for around 2 years. Over this time kp10 entered in to a number or tournaments including the ‘Australian Urban Terror Cup’, GameArena Urban Terror Season 1, Team Warfare CTF and Team Warfare 2v2 TS.

The Urban Cup was a tournament created while GameArena set up their league. kp10 only played in a few matches due to controversy with a number of our players being banned from GameArena and the tournament at the time. kp10 pulled out of the tournament half way through.

The Team Warfare leagues were an American based tournament that kp10 entered. Winning both of our first matches in the CTF league, the early times and high pings started to get the better of us and we were forced to withdraw from the leagues as we were coming up short in numbers.

Once the GameArena ladder began, kp10 moved to the top of the ladder with an undefeated 6-0. At this time our ranks began to thin and Terror became unavailable to play in matches. This was followed by the second disbanding of kp10.

In January 2008, kp10 started up once again. This is the current and active kp10 team:

kp10.Cb (ex-member)
kp10.Nem (ex-member)

The team currently sits at over 30 undefeated wins within 12 months, as well as having participated in and won 2 tournaments. During mid 2008, kp10 entered and won the Clan Wars Multiple Gametype Urban Terror League. kp10 finished a significant distance above the rank 2 team.

Later in 2008, kp10 entered Season 2 of the GameArena Urban Terror ladder. After entering the ladder in last place, kp10 quickly and without challenge moved to the top of the ladder where they sat for the rest of the season. With a finishing result of 7-0, kp10 won the second season.

Having exhausted all avenues of competition in Australia, kp10 are now setting their sights on the international arena!



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