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Urban Terror can be described as a Hollywood tactical shooter; somewhat realism based, but the motto is "fun over realism". This results in a very unique, enjoyable and addictive game.


kp10 Results

  Total Matches: 129
  Total Won: 126
  Total Lost: 3
  Total Drawn: 0


 Monday, 1 March 2010Tx2Team SurvivorUZ TSWinDetails
 Saturday, 27 February 2010VACapture the FlagUZ CTFWinDetails
 Sunday, 21 February 2010tRCapture the FlagUZ CTFWinDetails
 Saturday, 20 February 2010VATeam SurvivorUZ TSWinDetails
 Saturday, 20 February 2010dpiTeam SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Saturday, 20 February 2010ihTeam SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Tuesday, 16 February 2010KMATeam SurvivorTDUWinDetails
 Wednesday, 10 February 2010RSCapture the FlagUZ CTFWinDetails
 Monday, 8 February 2010V//Team SurvivorUZ TSWinDetails
 Thursday, 28 January 2010SGCapture the FlagScrimWinDetails
 Sunday, 24 January 2010=3=Capture the FlagScrimWinDetails
 Thursday, 21 January 2010KMBTeam SurvivorTDUWinDetails
 Sunday, 17 January 2010=3=Team SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Sunday, 17 January 2010M-19Capture the FlagScrimWinDetails
 Sunday, 17 January 2010VeXCapture the FlagScrimLossDetails
 Friday, 15 January 2010VATeam SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Sunday, 10 January 2010Tx2Team SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Tuesday, 8 December 2009vATeam SurvivorTDUWinDetails
 Sunday, 22 November 2009iNfCapture the FlagTDUWinDetails
 Sunday, 15 November 2009WARTeam SurvivorTDUWinDetails
 Sunday, 15 November 2009(8)Team SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Sunday, 8 November 2009TgTeam SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Sunday, 8 November 2009Tx2Team SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Thursday, 5 November 2009faqBomb ModeTDUWinDetails
 Thursday, 5 November 2009iNfCapture the FlagUrban ZoneWinDetails
 Wednesday, 4 November 2009V//Bomb ModeScrimWinDetails
 Sunday, 1 November 2009nb.Capture the FlagTDUWinDetails
 Sunday, 25 October 2009V//Team SurvivorTDUWinDetails
 Saturday, 24 October 2009VACapture the FlagUrban ZoneWinDetails
 Saturday, 24 October 2009C9Team SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Saturday, 24 October 2009tRCapture the FlagUrban ZoneWinDetails
 Sunday, 18 October 2009Tx2Team SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Sunday, 11 October 2009dOaTeam SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Saturday, 10 October 2009CNTeam SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Saturday, 10 October 2009h2oTeam SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Tuesday, 6 October 2009V//Capture the FlagUrban ZoneWinDetails
 Thursday, 1 October 2009WARCapture the FlagUrban ZoneWinDetails
 Sunday, 27 September 2009WARCapture the FlagCyber GamerWinDetails
 Sunday, 27 September 2009sCpTeam SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Sunday, 27 September 2009(8)Team SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Sunday, 13 September 2009iNfCapture the FlagCyberGamerWinDetails
 Tuesday, 8 September 2009KMACapture the FlagCyberGamerWinDetails
 Thursday, 9 July 2009V//Capture the FlagCyberGamerWinDetails
 Sunday, 5 July 2009|CC|Capture the FlagUrban ZoneWinDetails
 Sunday, 5 July 2009iNfCapture the FlagCyberGamerWinDetails
 Tuesday, 30 June 2009vACapture the FlagTDUWinDetails
 Monday, 22 June 2009RSGCapture the FlagCyberGamerWinDetails
 Tuesday, 16 June 2009WARCapture the FlagCyberGamerWinDetails
 Sunday, 14 June 2009sn*Team SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Thursday, 11 June 2009V//Team SurvivorTDUWinDetails
 Sunday, 7 June 2009iNfCapture the FlagTDUWinDetails
 Sunday, 7 June 2009KMACapture the FlagUrban ZoneWinDetails
 Sunday, 31 May 2009[v.A]Capture the FlagUrban ZoneWinDetails
 Sunday, 31 May 2009wftTeam DeathmatchTDUWinDetails
 Sunday, 24 May 2009|CC|Capture the FlagUrban ZoneWinDetails
 Sunday, 17 May 2009iNfCapture the FlagUrban ZoneWinDetails
 Wednesday, 13 May 2009afrBomb ModeTDULossDetails
 Tuesday, 5 May 2009V//Capture the FlagUrban ZoneWinDetails
 Sunday, 3 May 2009RSGTeam SurvivorTDUWinDetails
 Thursday, 16 April 2009=3=Team DeathmatchTDUWinDetails
 Wednesday, 15 April 2009V//Capture the FlagScrimWinDetails
 Wednesday, 15 April 2009V//Team SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Sunday, 12 April 2009|CC|Capture the FlagScrimWinDetails
 Sunday, 12 April 2009|CC|Team SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Sunday, 12 April 2009KMATeam SurvivorTDUWinDetails
 Sunday, 5 April 2009WARCapture the FlagTDUWinDetails
 Tuesday, 24 February 2009KMACapture the FlagScrimWinDetails
 Tuesday, 24 February 2009KMATeam SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Saturday, 21 February 2009|fn|Capture the FlagScrimLossDetails
 Tuesday, 27 January 2009KMABomb ModeScrimWinDetails
 Tuesday, 27 January 2009KMACapture the FlagScrimWinDetails
 Thursday, 8 January 2009KMACapture the FlagScrimWinDetails
 Thursday, 8 January 2009KMABomb ModeScrimWinDetails
 Saturday, 3 January 2009WARTeam SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Thursday, 1 January 2009KMATeam SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Thursday, 1 January 2009KMACapture the FlagScrimWinDetails
 Saturday, 27 December 2008rVTeam SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Sunday, 14 December 2008RTeam SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Sunday, 14 December 2008ZoiDTeam SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Monday, 1 December 2008|fn|Team SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Thursday, 27 November 2008KMACapture the FlagScrimWinDetails
 Tuesday, 18 November 2008v//Team SurvivorGameArenaWinDetails
 Thursday, 13 November 2008eQTeam SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Sunday, 2 November 2008FembotsTeam SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Saturday, 1 November 2008KMACapture the FlagScrimWinDetails
 Saturday, 1 November 2008KMATeam SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Saturday, 1 November 2008RWSTeam SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Sunday, 19 October 2008KMATeam SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Sunday, 19 October 2008KMACapture the FlagScrimWinDetails
 Sunday, 12 October 2008KMACapture the FlagScrimWinDetails
 Sunday, 12 October 2008TKCapture and HoldScrimWinDetails
 Sunday, 12 October 2008TKCapture the FlagScrimWinDetails
 Tuesday, 7 October 2008faqTeam SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Saturday, 13 September 2008cCTeam SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Wednesday, 3 September 2008rVTeam SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Monday, 28 July 2008=3=Team SurvivorGameArenaWinDetails
 Sunday, 20 July 2008vATeam SurvivorGameArenaWinDetails
 Sunday, 29 June 2008KMACapture the FlagClanWarsWinDetails
 Sunday, 22 June 2008faqTeam SurvivorGameArenaWinDetails
 Sunday, 15 June 2008LoATeam SurvivorClanWarsWinDetails
 Sunday, 8 June 2008hSTeam SurvivorClanWarsWinDetails
 Sunday, 8 June 2008WARTeam SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Sunday, 1 June 2008rVTeam SurvivorClanWarsWinDetails
 Sunday, 1 June 2008v//Capture the FlagClanWarsWinDetails
 Sunday, 18 May 2008KMABomb ModeClanWarsWinDetails
 Sunday, 27 April 2008KMATeam DeathmatchScrimWinDetails
 Sunday, 27 April 2008KMATeam SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Sunday, 13 April 2008=3=Team SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Sunday, 16 March 2008ZRTeam SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Sunday, 17 February 2008v//Team SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Sunday, 17 February 2008v//Capture The FlagScrimWinDetails
 Saturday, 9 February 2008WARTeam SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Sunday, 3 February 2008v//Capture The FlagScrimWinDetails
 Friday, 11 January 2008LKBFTeam SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Sunday, 6 November 2005=3=Team SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Thursday, 17 June 2004KKECapture the FlagScrimWinDetails
 Tuesday, 1 June 2004WARBomb ModeUrban CupWinDetails
 Sunday, 16 May 2004SGTeam SurvivorGameArenaWinDetails
 Thursday, 13 May 2004FoDTeam SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Thursday, 13 May 2004FoDTeam SurvivorUrban CupWinDetails
 Thursday, 15 April 2004SGBomb ModeScrimWinDetails
 Sunday, 4 April 2004KKECapture the FlagUrban CupWinDetails
 Thursday, 1 April 2004FoDTeam SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Thursday, 26 February 2004rLTeam SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Sunday, 18 January 2004DeKCapture the FlagTWL CTFWinDetails
 Saturday, 10 January 2004PoDCapture the FlagScrimWinDetails
 Thursday, 2 October 2003WARTeam SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Tuesday, 23 September 2003v|v|vTeam SurvivorScrimWinDetails
 Sunday, 14 September 2003WARBomb ModeScrimWinDetails


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