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Urban Terror can be described as a Hollywood tactical shooter; somewhat realism based, but the motto is "fun over realism". This results in a very unique, enjoyable and addictive game.


Terror Down Under Schedule

Terror Down Under operates under a predefined schedule for all matches. Each week every team will be matched up against another team and will have the duration of that week to organise and complete their match. Scores must be submitted by the end date of the competition week.

Organisation is encouraged to take place before the competition week to avoid matches being organised at the last minute leading to disputes.

Once a match has been organised, the date, time and server IP address must be emailed to tdu@clankp10.com or posted on the forum.

If you are having difficulty organising a match with another team, speak to a tournament official and they will intervene. If it is found that the opposing team is deliberately being difficult, they will be penalised.

Below is the tournament schedule.

Week Dates Game Type Maps
Week 1 30th March - 5th April Capture the Flag Turnpike, Algiers
Week 2 6th April - 12th April Team Survivor Abbey, Casa, Austria
Week 3 13th April - 19th April Team Deathmatch Sanc, Kingdom
Week 4 20th April - 26th April Capture the Flag Riyadh, Toxic
Week 5 27th April - 3rd May Team Survivor Uptown, Mandolin, Algiers
Week 6 4th May - 10th May Bomb Mode Casa, Elgin
Week 7 11th May - 17th May Capture the Flag Village, Suburbs
Week 8 18th May - 24th May Team Survivor Turnpike, Algiers, Abbey
Week 9 25th May - 31st May Team Deathmatch Tombs, Thingley
Week 10 1st June - 7th June Capture the Flag Austria, Uptown
Week 11 8th June - 14th June Team Survivor Casa, Prague, Sanc
Week 12 15th June - 21st June Bomb Mode Abbey, Uptown
Week 13 22nd June - 28th June Capture the Flag Casa, Algiers

Week vA KMA V// B afr 31X2 iNf rV
1 KMA vA V// WFT vA RSG =3=
2 V// B kp10 vA V// WFT NULL RSG
3 afr V// B KMA vA V// WFT NULL
4 31X2 afr kp10 KMA vA V// WFT
5 iNf 31X2 afr V// B KMA vA V//
6 rV iNf 31X2 kp10 V// B KMA vA
7 WAR rV iNf 31X2 afr V// B KMA
8 =3= WAR rV iNf kp10 afr V// B
9 RSG =3= WAR rV iNf 31X2 afr
10 NULL RSG =3= WAR rV kp10 31X2
11 WFT NULL RSG =3= WAR rV iNf
12 V// WFT NULL RSG =3= WAR kp10
13 kp10 V// WFT NULL RSG =3= WAR

Week WAR =3= RSG NULL WFT V// kp10
1 kp10 rV iNf 31X2 afr V// B WAR
2 =3= WAR rV iNf 31X2 afr KMA
3 RSG kp10 WAR rV iNf 31X2 =3=
4 NULL RSG =3= WAR rV iNf V// B
5 WFT NULL kp10 =3= WAR rV RSG
6 V// WFT NULL RSG =3= WAR afr
7 vA V// WFT kp10 RSG =3= NULL
9 V// B KMA vA V// kp10 NULL WFT
10 afr V// B KMA vA V// WFT iNf
11 31X2 afr V// B KMA vA kp10 V//
12 iNf 31X2 afr V// B KMA vA rV
13 rV iNf 31X2 afr V// B KMA vA


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